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Autor: Justin Roberts
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The Nordic Tractor

The History and Heritage of Volvo, Valmet and Valtra
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The Nordic Tractor traces the history of tractor production in Sweden and Finland. The story goes back over 200 years to the 19th century when the industrial revolution was sweeping across Britain, and Sweden wanted to establish their own manufacturing powerhouses. This was an exciting and fast moving time for engineering and this book traces the ups, downs and eventual demise of some of the first manufacturers working to serve the particular needs of the agricultural and forestry industries in this densely forested and rock strewn region of Northern Europe. It then looks in depth at the companies who emerged from the early turmoil, and how they developed their products based on the widespread technological advances of the time to create a tractor industry unique to the region. Today, Valtra - now owned by AGCO - stands proudly as the last remaining agricultural tractor maker in Scandinavia, but The Nordic Tractor shows where their roots lie in the establishment and history of companies such as Bolinder, Munktells, Volvo and Valmet, who all stood out as being major players in the Nordic region. Including over 100 photos, many of which have been previously unpublished, this book will appeal to those with a specific interest in Nordic tractors, Nordic engineering and general Nordic history as well as the general tractor enthusiast. Justin Roberts is a freelance writer and photographer. He is a regular contributor to magazines covering both historic and contemporary agricultural machinery in Britain and Ireland. Although born in Britain, he has lived in Ireland since 2007 and is married with two daughters.

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Autor: Justin Roberts
ISBN-13 :: 9781912158133
ISBN: 1912158132
Verlag: 5M Publishing Ltd
Seiten: 192
Sprache: Englisch
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