Battle in Antiquity
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Battle in Antiquity

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Alan B. Lloyd
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How do fighting men act and feel in battle? How do they deal with the trauma of conflict? What determines the outcome of battle? Modern research on war, notably that of John Keegan and Victor Hanson, has posed these questions with a new acuteness. In the ancient world, warfare was a constant reality. Much ancient literature deals with it. The present collection of original studies applies the new methods, for the first time, to the warriors of Greece, Rome and Pharaonic Egypt. The contributors demonstrate that the battle-experience of Homer's heroes and of Alexander's infantrymen compares surprisingly with that of Wellington's redcoats.
Preface 1. Heroes, Knights and Nutters: Warrior Mentality in Homer - Hans van Wees 2. Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece - Stephen Mitchell 3. Homosexuality and Warfare in Ancient Greece - Daniel Ogden 4. Philip II and Alexander the Great: the Moulding of Macedon's Army - Alan B. Lloyd 5. Morale and the Roman Experience of Battle - A.D. Lee 6. The Roman Army and Morality in War - Catherine M. Gilliver 7. Battle in Ancient Egypt: the Triumph of Horus or the Cutting Edge of the Temple Economy? - Ian Shaw Index