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New Perspectives
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Stephen Hodkinson
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The history of Sparta is increasingly seen as important, not only for its own sake but also for understanding Athenian literature and the political history of numerous Greek states. Traditional approaches to Sparta are now being supplemented by contributions from archaeology and the social sciences. The renewed interest in Sparta is international. The volume includes, for the first time, original contributions from most of the world's leading authorities on Spartan history.
Introduction - Stephen Hodkinson PART I. SPARTIATE INSTITUTIONS AND SOCIETY 1. Tyrtaeus' Eunomia: Nothing to do with the Great Rhetra -
Hans van Wees 2. Perspectives on Spartan education in the classical period -
Jean Ducat Translated by Emma Stafford 3. Admission to the syssitia in fifth-century Sparta -
H.W. Singor 4. Aidos at Sparta -
Nicolas Richer Translated by Emma Stafford 5. Sparta's kosmos of silence -
Ephraim David PART II: SPARTANS AND THE OUTSIDE WORLD 6. An agonistic culture? Athletic competition in archaic and classical Spartan society -
Stephen Hodkinson 7. From Perioikoi to Poleis: The Laconian cities in the late hellenistic period -
Nigel Kennell 8. The evolution of the Messenian identity -
Thomas Figueira 9. From Sparta to Taras: Nomima, ktiseis and relationships between colony and mother city -
Massimo Nafissi 10. Olympiad chronography and 'Early' Spartan history -
P.-J. Shaw PART III: REPRESENTATIONS OF SPARTAN SOCIETY 11. The Socratics' Sparta and Rousseau's -
Paul Cartledge 12. Sophrosyne and the Spartans in Xenophon -
Noreen Humble 13. Athenian ideology and the empowered Spartan woman -
Ellen Greenstein Millender 14. Spartan women assertive in politics? Plutarch's Lives of Agis and Kleomenes -
Anton Powell Index

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