War and Violence in Ancient Greece

War and Violence in Ancient Greece
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Hans van Wees
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The study of Greek warfare should involve much more than reconstructing the experience of combat or revisiting the great wars of the classical period. Here, a distinguished cast of international scholars explores beyond the usual thematic and chronological boundaries. Ranging from the heroes of Homer to the kings and cities of the hellenistic age, the contributors set war in the context of other forms of Greek violence, private and public. At every turn they challenge received ideas about the causes and conduct of war, its development and its place in Greek society and culture.
Introduction - Hans van Wees Abbreviations PART 1. CAUSES OF WAR 1. Homeric vengeance and the outbreak of Greek wars -
J.E. Lendon 2. Killing rage: physis or nomos or both? -
Jonathan Shay PART II. FORMS OF VIOLENCE WITHIN THE POLIS 3. Sticks, stones, and Spartans: the sociology of Spartan violence -
Simon Hornblower 4. Hybris, revenge and stasis in the Greek city-states -
Nick Fisher PART III. BEYOND THE CLASSICAL PHALANX 5. The development of the hoplite phalanx: iconography and reality in the seventh century -
Hans van Wees 6. Deception in archaic and classical Greek warfare -
Peter Krentz 7. Hoplite battle as ancient Greek warfare: when, where and why? -
Victor Davis Hanson 8. Alternative agonies: hoplite martial and combat experiences beyond the phalanx -
Louis Rawlings 9. Perspectives on the death of fifth-century Athenian seamen -
Barry S. Strauss PART IV. WAR AND RELIGION 10. Athena and Ares: war, violence and warlike deities -
Susan Deacy 11. Sacrifice and battle -
Robert Parker PART V. CONTINUITIES IN HELLENISTIC WARFARE 12. Hellenistic military leadership -
Paul Beston 13. Fighting poleis of the hellenistic world -
John Ma Index

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