What’s in a Name?
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What’s in a Name?

The Significance of Proper Names in Classical Latin Literature
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Joan Booth
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Latin poets and prose writers of the classical period and later used - and withheld - names subtly and to important effect. Here, in eleven new essays, an eminent international cast explore themes which include 'speaking' names, often involving bilingual Latin/Greek play; the ways in which persons and objects are named in contexts of invective or endearment; the significant suppression or changing of names; the religious and historical significances of names; the uses of names in literary catalogues; names as devices to structure a group of shorter poems.
Introduction - Robert Maltby 1. The qualification of personal names by possessive adjectives in Cicero's letters - Frederique Biville 2. Personal names and invective in Cicero - Javier Uria 3. Tibullus' Nemesis: divine retribution and the poet - Emma Stafford 4. Naming names - or not: some significant choices and suppressions in Latin poetry - Joan Booth 5. The nomenclature of the Tiber in Virgil's Aeneid - Francis Cairns 6. Antonomasia and metonymy in the proem to Virgil's Georgics - Helen Peraki-Kyriakidou 7. From the Metamorphoses to the Fasti: Catalogues of proper names -Stratis Kyriakidis 8. Bilingual word-play on personal names in Martial - Daniel Vallat 9. Onomato-poetics: a linear reading of Martial 7.67-70 - Niklas Holzberg 10. Proper names as a linking device in Martial 5.43-8 - Robert Maltby 11. Naming the characters: the cases of Aristomenes, Socrates and Meroe in Apuleius' Metamorphoses 1.2-19 - Andreas Michalopoulos Indexes