King and Court in Ancient Macedonia
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King and Court in Ancient Macedonia

Rivalry, Treason and Conspiracy
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Elizabeth Carney
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The Hellenistic courts and monarchies have in recent years become one of the most intensively studied areas of ancient history. Among the most influential pioneers in this process has been the American historian Elizabeth Carney. The present book collects for the first time in a single volume her most influential articles. Previously published in a range of learned journals, the articles are here re-edited, each with a substantive Afterword by the author bringing the discussion up to date and adding new bibliography. Main themes of this volume include Macedonian monarchy in practice and as an image; the role of conspiracies and violence at court; royal women; aspects of court life and institutions.
Introduction Argead Monarchy: Image and Practice 1. Women and Basileia: Legitimacy and Female Political Action in Macedonia 2. Macedonians and Mutiny: Discipline and Indiscipline in the Army of Philip and Alexander 3. The Philippeum, Women, and the Formation of Dynastic Image 4. Tomb I at Vergina and the Meaning of the Great Tumulus as an Historical Monument 5. Were the Tombs Under the Great Tumulus at Vergina Royal? Conspiracies Real and Alleged 6. Alexander the Lyncestian: the Disloyal Opposition 7. The Death of Clitus 8. The Conspiracy of Hermolaus 9. Regicide in Macedonia 10. The Politics of Polygamy: Olympias, Alexander, and the Murder of Philip Life at Court 11. Elite Education and High Culture in Macedonia 12. The role of the Basilikoi Paides at the Argead Court. 13. Symposia and the Macedonian Elite: The Unmixed Life 14. Hunting and the Macedonian Elite: Sharing the Rivalry of the Chase (Arrian 4.13.1) Bibliography