Counselling for the Masses: What can I expect if I go to counselling?
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Counselling for the Masses: What can I expect if I go to counselling?

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Dolores Patricia James
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Sometimes a person may need just a listening ear. Sometimes they may need guidance or information. And that is all they need.When a person though opts to go for counselling they should not be left in ignorance of why counselling is an option for what troubles them. They should not feel stigmatised, nor be deterred by some of the "myths" that can be associated with counselling.
Written in layman terms, this book will provide people with a more enlightened view of the benefits and rewards of counselling, but most importantly what counselling is really about. Based on five people's experiences of counselling and their counsellor, it attempts to provide a faithful picture for those who are fearful of counselling or reluctant to access it.
Each client narrates their story: how they came to access counselling, their fears and anxieties about counselling, and how counselling helped and supported them. Their counsellor in the final chapter gives some explanations about the clients and their counselling process.
The author, Dolores Patricia James has been a counsellor and trainer in counselling for over 20 years. She is the director of a counselling training school based in Liverpool, UK.

10 percent of the profit from this book will be donated to charities.

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