Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor

Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor
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Supporting Learners through Personal Tutoring and Coaching
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Andrew Stork
Further Education
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An essential text for pre-service and in-service trainees and existing practitioners in further education focusing on delivering outstanding personal tutoring and coaching.

How confident do you feel in your personal tutoring role? In the face of ever-increasing and demanding learner issues, do you feel equipped to provide the essential support to meet their needs? This timely book provides you with essential help in an area which has often been given little attention in comparison with curriculum delivery by:

  • contextualising the support side of a teacher’s role within further education;

  • looking beyond conventional notions of personal tutoring and coaching;

  • appreciating the real world applications of issues;

  • recognising the benefits personal tutoring and coaching bring to learners and educational institutions;

  • reflecting on a variety of different approaches to support learners’ achievement as well as positively affecting institutional key performance indicators.

It provides proven practical advice and guidance for planning and delivering group tutorials, undertaking one to ones, identifying and managing vulnerable learners and those at risk of not achieving, as well as helping learners to progress onto their chosen career paths. It explores methods to engage the most disaffected and hard to reach learners, as well as stretching and challenging the more able.    

It includes clear aims, detailed case studies, learning checklists and a unique self-assessment system for the reader and the educational institution. You are encouraged to develop your skills in order to influence individual learners as well as the systems, processes and performance of your educational institution by becoming an outstanding personal tutor. 

The text is an excellent foundation for the majority of modules on teacher training qualifications and is relevant to any pre-service or in-service trainee teacher or existing practitioner with a personal tutoring role, a specialised personal tutor, manager or anyone in a learner-facing role within further education.



Chapter 1: What is a personal tutor?

Chapter 2: Core values and skills of the personal tutor

Chapter 3: Setting boundaries

Chapter 4: The Learner Experience - key activities

Chapter 5: The Learner Experience – key procedures

Chapter 6: Using solution-focused coaching with learners

Chapter 7: Observation

Chapter 8: Reflective practice

Chapter 9: Measuring impact

Chapter 10: What next?


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