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Grounded Theory

The Reader Series
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Grounded theory is probably the most successful method proposed to social scientists in the 20th century, and this can only be partly attributed to the fact that it is democratised theory development making this available to all competent researchers.The ideas elucidated by Grounded Thoery are far too important to be left up to grounded theorists alone or put another way the real power of the Glaser and Strauss contribution was not that it offered a method for research but that it opened the 'black box' of qualitative research for all to see what lies beneath. The detail of the research practice described or presecribed by grounded theory throws much light on qualitative research thinking.This reader addresses the paraphernalia of grounded theory and then it takes a deep look into some of the ideas and intellectual challenges which underpin qualitative research. Thus the issues of theory, data and pragmatism are addressed in some detail. In addition a substantial glossary of the terms ued by gronded theorists is supplied.

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