This and That, Here and There

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Eugene Ruane
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The English Channel. Twenty miles of water and a million miles of misunderstandings. Have you ever wondered why the French and the English seem to be eternally mystified by each other? What began as a little misunderstanding over a trip to the seaside in 1066 continues to create much puzzlement each time these two nations come into contact. Just what is it that causes The Frogs and The Rosbifs to be forever poking fun at the other? Why do we seem to be totally incapable of communicating no matter how loudly we shout? Here then is an attempt to reunite these two nations for the first time since Neanderthal hunters chased mammoths across the land that now lies submerged beneath The Channel. In a series of witty and insightful articles the authors shine a little light on some of the biggest areas of contention. Not the trivial details that seem to concern the politicians such as which currency we should use or whether to measure in miles or kilometres. No, here are the important subjects that concern the man in the rue such as why do the English insist on filling their houses with animals or why can't a French chef cook a well done steak? If you need to understand why the Frenchman looks in horror at the pride of our railways or the Englishman is reduced to tears when trying to buy a pint of real ale in a French Bistro this little book may just supply the answers. A cornucopia of trivia that will delight both the Anglophile and the Francophile alike.