Blood of the Bride: A D. I. James Manghurst Thriller

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R. J. Keane
185 g
203x128x17 mm

Sharon Thorpe is very nervous about her big day. She is about to marry the love of her life but when a campervan takes three of her friends to her house to collect her, a tragic incident occurs and poor Sharon is murdered. One of the friends that has gone to collect her is none other than caring and sassy Canadian police officer Gemma Oakley. Now living and working in London, PC Oakley is soon in tears over the death of her friend but meets Detective Inspector James Manghurst when he comes knocking at her door. At first, she is unsure of the man but eventually embraces his personality and it's not long before the pair start to work with one another in the hope of unearthing Sharon's killer! But just who was it who killed her? Maybe it was the groom's supposed stalker or the groom himself. Perhaps it was a supposed ally of Sharon or maybe it was a complete stranger but no matter who it was, Manghurst and Gemma's meddling comes at a cost in an explosive and unexpected climax. Not only that but Sharon's death isn't the only shocking event. Lies, betrayal and friendships blossom and it's not long before revelations are revealed and fights are fought. Will Sharon's murderer be unveiled or will they walk free? Either way, they have a nasty trick up their sleeve for anyone who gets in their way.