Successful Property Investment
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Successful Property Investment

How I turned a £5,000 loan into £15 million in assets
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Benjamin Elizabeth
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When done correctly, real estate investment is exciting, rewarding and lucrative – in any economy. Everything that I have achieved so far has not happened by accident. I came from a working class background yet still made a success in property investment; turning a £5k overdraft into over £15m in assets, with over half a million in rental income annually. If you have a dream or are yet to dream, then join me as I narrate my journey. Discover the challenges I faced, the lessons I learned and the obstacles I overcame – as I reveal how anyone can change their current reality, for the better, through successful property investment!

CHAPTER ONE - My Background CHAPTER TWO - Taking Action
CHAPTER THREE - Why Property?
CHAPTER FOUR - Buying Property
CHAPTER FIVE - A Successful Property Magnate
CHAPTER SIX - Buying Property Abroad
CHAPTER SEVEN - Lessons Learned
CHAPTER EIGHT - Make Money, Not Excuses
CHAPTER NINE - Right Mind-Set
CHAPTER TEN - Wealth Creation