Beirut Focus Guide

Beirut Focus Guide
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Since deciding that growing up and getting a proper job was highly overrated at the tender age of 18, New Zealander Jessica Lee has travelled extensively in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A small obsession with houmous and a large obsession with nomadic people led her to the Middle East in 2004 where she fell in love with the Arabic language and the incredible hospitality of the people. She has lived there full-time since 2007, working as a tour leader as well as a writer. When not on the overland trail between Cairo and Istanbul, she can usually be found among the fairy chimneys of central Anatolia where she is attempting to renovate a cave-house.
One of very few guides available to this fascinating city of contradictions
Includes additional information on travel to Mount Lebanon and the surrounding valleys
travellers detailed yet concise information for their trips
Highly competitive price and a handy, pocket-sized format ideal for life on
the road
Written by expert Jessica Lee , who knows her destination inside out
Quality and depth of content drawn from Footprint s Handbook range
Perfect for inspiration and planning as well as on-the-ground guidance
Go for an early morning walk along the Corniche - Beirut's seaside promenade - and watch as the Mediterranean Sea laps against the rocks while the summits of Mount Lebanon dominate the horizon to the east. Enjoy a strong black coffee here before hitting Hamra to experience Beirut's bustling commercial side or the old Central District to admire the elegantly restored Ottoman and French-colonial buildings - a demonstration of Beirut's determination to become the 'Paris of the East' once again. Footprintfocus Beirut features practical advice on getting to and around this up-and-coming city, along with fascinating insights into Beirut's culture and history.
- Essentials section with practical advice on getting there and around.
- Highlights maps of the region so you know what not to miss.
- Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of where to eat, drink and sleep.
- Detailed street maps for Beirut and key destinations.
- Slim enough to fit in your pocket.
Loaded with advice and information on how to get around, this concise Footprintfocus guide will help you get the most out of Beirut without weighing you down.The content of Footprintfocus Beirut guide has been extracted from Footprint's Lebanon Handbook.
Packed with up-to-date information on this fast-changing city, Footprintfocus Beirut covers the elegance of the old city, the energy of the shopping district, and the ski resorts of Mount Lebanon.
1) Introduction
2) Planning your trip
3) Beirut
4) North from Beirut
5) The Metn
6) Mount Lebanon skiing
7) Chouf Mountains
8) Baalbek
9) Footnotes

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