Revolutions of the Three

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Chris Gallie
338 g
228x151x15 mm

What happens when all is lost. In the wake of the explosion, what emerges is a mystery even to itself. The God (who is no longer all that he seems) and the sorcerer, finally reunited in their destructive quest, head to the North. For many have risen up against them, but there are also those who will help, if they can be persuaded not to kill each other first. The other sorcerer and the boy (another who is no longer all he seems) are flung high into the mountains. A hostile environment greets them, an ancient terror awakes and the ice is closing in fast. But they too are not without friends - it is time that is the real enemy. In the Kingdom of the Gods, paranoia and fear are challenging Gask for the throne, and they are not the only ones. Cracks are appearing in the very fabric of their universe; deep red cracks which can only mean one thing: Rez's time is coming, and all that they've built will soon be torn to shreds. As the walls that separate the dimensions tremble, all parties fight to converge on Hardram, a city now fortified with the army of Durpo, and it becomes clear that the impending battle is for so much more than the world of Svin. Gods, Guardians, demons, sorcerers and human armies all assemble, and those with everyday lives such a short time ago realise that they are fighting against apocalypse. Shabwan knows what he must do, as does Veo; for as big as this fight is, it was they who started it, and only they who can truly finish it.