How to Survive Divorce
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How to Survive Divorce

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Anthea Turner
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TV presenter Anthea Turner was devastated when her husband Grant Bovey left her for a woman young enough to be his daughter. Although both she and Grant had left their previous partners to be together, Anthea was convinced they had learned from their mistakes and were destined to grow old together. But when Grant cheated on her not once but twice, she knew she was wrong and heartbroken, she filed for divorce. How to Survive divorce is Anthea's candid account of the emotional toll the end of her marriage took on her well being and how she eventually came out of the ordeal, a stronger, more confident woman. This is a book which has been carefully researched and written and is full of helpful tips and real-life case studies. How to Survive Divorce aims to offer women who find themselves facing divorce - whether or not from choice - practical help and guidance in navigating what can be a legal and emotional minefield. From choosing the right lawyer to getting back in the dating game, this a must-have guide on how to survive divorce and come out the other side.