Fracture Mechanics Of Electromagnetic Materials: Nonlinear Field Theory And Applications
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Fracture Mechanics Of Electromagnetic Materials: Nonlinear Field Theory And Applications

Nonlinear Field Theory and Applications
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Xiaohong Chen
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Fracture Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials provides a comprehensive overview of fracture mechanics of conservative and dissipative materials, as well as a general formulation of nonlinear field theory of fracture mechanics and a rigorous treatment of dynamic crack problems involving coupled magnetic, electric, thermal and mechanical field quantities.Thorough emphasis is placed on the physical interpretation of fundamental concepts, development of theoretical models and exploration of their applications to fracture characterization in the presence of magneto-electro-thermo-mechanical coupling and dissipative effects. Mechanical, aeronautical, civil, biomedical, electrical and electronic engineers interested in application of the principles of fracture mechanics to design analysis and durability evaluation of smart structures and devices will find this book an invaluable resource.Contents:Fundamentals of Fracture MechanicsElements of Electrodynamics of ContinuaIntroduction to ThermoviscoelasticityOverview on Fracture of Electromagnetic MaterialsCrack Driving Force in Electro-Thermo-Elastodynamic FractureDynamic Fracture Mechanics of Magneto-Electro-Thermo-Elastic SolidsDynamic Crack Propagation in Magneto-Electro-Elastic SolidsFracture of Functionally Graded MaterialsMagneto-Thermo-Viscoelastic Deformation and FractureElectro-Thermo-Viscoelastic Deformation and FractureNonlinear Field Theory of Fracture Mechanics for Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic MaterialsNonlinear Field Theory of Fracture Mechanics for Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric MaterialsApplications to Fracture CharacterizationReadership: Graduate students, academic researchers and engineering specialists in fracture mechanics.