An Introduction to Bioceramics
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An Introduction to Bioceramics

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Larry L Hench
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This is the second edition of the classic book An Introduction to Bioceramics which provides a comprehensive overview of all types of ceramic and glass materials that are used in medicine and dentistry. The enormous growth of the field of bioceramics is due to the recognition by the medical and dental community of the importance of bioactive materials to stimulate repair and regeneration of tissues. This edition includes 21 new chapters that document the science and especially the clinical applications of the new generation of bioceramics in the field of tissue regeneration and repair. Important socioeconomic factors influencing the economics and availability of new medical treatments are covered with updates on regulatory procedures for new biomaterials, methods for technology transfer and ethical issues.The book contains 42 chapters that offer the only comprehensive treatment of the science, technology and clinical applications of all types of bioceramic materials used in medicine and dentistry. Each chapter is written by leaders in their specialized fields and is a thorough review of the subject matter, unlike many conference proceedings. All chapters have been edited to reflect the same writing style, making the book an easy read. The completeness of treatment of all types of bioceramics and their clinical applications makes the book unique in the field and invaluable to all readers.Contents:Introduction (Larry L Hench and June Wilson)The Use of Alumina and Zirconia in Surgical Implants (Samuel F Hulbert)Bioactive Glasses (Larry L Hench and Orjan Andersson)Bioactive Glasses: Gene Activation (Larry L Hench)Angiogenic Potential of Bioactive Glasses (Alejandro A Gorustovich, Luis A Haro Durand, Judith A Roether and Aldo R Boccaccini)Bioactive Glasses: Clinical Applications — Historical (June Wilson, Antti Yli-Urpo and Risto-Pekka Happonen)Clinical Applications of Bioactive Glasses: ENT (Larry L Hench)Clinical Applications of Bioactive Glasses: Endosseous Ridge Maintenance (Larry L Hench)Clinical Applications of Bioactive Glasses: Periodontal Repair (Paul Robinson II)Clinical Applications of Bioactive Glasses: Maxillofacial Repair (Ian Thompson)Clinical Applications of Bioactive Glass: Orthopaedics (David M Gaisser and Larry L Hench)Bioactive Glass in Spinal Repair (Janek Frantzén)A/W Glass-Ceramic: Processing and Properties (Tadashi Kokubo)A/W Glass-Ceramic: Clinical Applications (Takao Yamamuro)Ceravital® Bioactive Glass-Ceramics (Ulrich M Gross, Christian Müller-Mai and Christian Voigt)Machinable and Phosphate Glass-Ceramics (Wolfram Höland and Werner Vogel)Hydroxyapatites (Racquel Z LeGeros and John P LeGeros)Silicon Substituted Hydroxyapatite (Robert J Friederichs, William Bonfield and Serena M Best)Porous Hydroxyapatite (Edwin C Shors and Ralph E Holmes)Stability of Calcium Phosphate Ceramics and Plasma Sprayed Coatings (C P A T Klein, J G C Wolke and K de Groot)Hydroxyapatite Coatings (William R Lacefield)Bioactive Glass Coatings (Larry L Hench and Orjan Andersson)Bioactive HA Coatings by Ti Surface Activation (Tadashi Kokubo and Seiji Yamaguchi)Pyrolytic Carbon Coatings (Reinhold H Dauskardt and Robert O Ritchie)Pyrolytic Carbon Prostheses: Clinical Results (Jonathan Shute)Bioceramic Composites (Paul Ducheyne, Michele Marcolongo and Evert Schepers)Design of Bioactive Ceramic-Polymer Composites (William Bonfield)Calcium Phosphate Cements (Sanjukta Deb)Radiotherapy Glasses (Delbert E Day and Thomas E Day)Dental Glass-Ceramics and ZrO2-Ceramics (Wolfram Höland, Marcel Schweiger and Volker M Rheinberger)Bioactive Glass for Tooth Remineralization and Pain Desentization (David C Greenspan and Larry L Hench)Porous Bioactive Ceramic and Glass Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration (Julian R Jones)Treatment of Chronic Wounds with Bioactive Borate Glass Fibers (Steven Jung)Bioactive Glass-Ceramics for Load-Bearing Applications (Oscar Peitl, Edgar D Zanotto, Francisco C Serbena and Larry L Hench)Porous Wall, Hollow Glass Microspheres (George G Wicks, Steven Serkiz, Shuyi Li and William Dynan)Molecular Modeling of Bioactive Glasses and Reactions (Paul Robinson II and Larry L Hench)Characterization of Bioceramics (Larry L Hench)Regulation of Medical Devices: Historical (Emanuel Horowitz and Edward Mueller)Regulation of Medical Devices: Current Status (David C Greenspan)Technology Transfer of Bioceramics: From Concept to Commerce (Larry L Hench and Giuseppe Cama)Ethical Issues (Larry L Hench)Summary and Future Directions (Larry L Hench)Readership: Undergraduates, graduate students and researchers in the field of bioceramics.

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