Biometric Systems

Biometric Systems
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Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation
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James L. Wayman
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Dr. James Wayman and Prof. Anil Jain are two of the leading experts in the field. Dr. James Wayman is the Director of the US National Biometric Test Center.

Biometric Systems provides practitioners with an overview of the principles and methods needed to build reliable biometric systems. It covers three main topics: key biometric technologies, design and management issues, and the performance evaluation of biometric systems for personal verification/identification. The four most widely used technologies are focused on - speech, fingerprint, iris and face recognition.

Key features include: in-depth coverage of the technical and practical obstacles which are often neglected by application developers and system integrators and which result in shortfalls between expected and actual performance; and protocols and benchmarks which will allow developers to compare performance and track system improvements.

Biometric Systems - Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation is a reference book for anyone involved in the design, management or implementation of biometric systems, and provides all the information needed to a build reliable system. It focuses on the four most widely used types of biometric technology - speech, fingerprint, iris and face recognition. It is the only book to cover the implementation of test procedures, thus making it an invaluable resource for anyone working in this field.
Introduction to Biometrics I: Technologies Fingerprint Iris Recognition Face Recognition Speaker Verification II: Testing Technology Evaluation of Fingerprint Verification Algorithms Methods of Assessing Progress in Face Recognition The NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation Program III: Legal, Privacy, and System Considerations SAGEM Biometric System Integration Biometrics and the US Constitution Privacy Issues in the Application of Biometrics: A European Perspective

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