Implementing Collaboration Technologies in Industry

Implementing Collaboration Technologies in Industry
Case Examples and Lessons Learned
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Bjorn E. Munkvold
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Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Collaboration technologies play a vital role in modern business by providing the infrastructure for key strategies such as collaborative commerce, knowledge management, process improvement, virtual teamwork and e-learning. This book provides a wide-ranging overview of current experiences from industry on the organisational implementation and use of these technologies. It focuses on strategies for overcoming obstacles in the implementation process, and measures that can be taken to enable effective use. Among the key features are: - Overview of the current state of the area of collaboration technologies; - A review of empirical research and a taxonomy of implementation factors; - Six case studies covering different collaboration technologies and organisational settings; - Practical solutions and guidelines for the implementation team.This book will be essential reading for project managers, implementation team members and IT managers. It will also be of interest to anyone researching or studying in relevant areas.
Collaboration technologies are any information or communication technologies which are used for collaboration at any level - from 2 people co-authoring a document, to several companies working together on common tasks. They are widely used in areas such as e-learning, e-commerce, and data conferencing. This book is the first to look in-depth at the problems which arise during the implementation process. The practical issues raised are illustrated via case studies from companies such as Boeing and Statoil.
I Overview and Current Trends.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Collaboration Technology: Overview and Current Trends.- 3 Implementation of Collaboration Technologies: A Review of the Literature.- 4 A Taxonomy of Implementation Factors for Collaboration Technologies.- II Lessons from Industry.- 5 Implementing a Portfolio of Collaboration Technologies in Statoil.- 6 Implementation and Use of Collaboration Technologies in a Multinational Engineering Group: The Case of Kvrerner.- 7 Implementation of Data Conferencing in The Boeing Company.- 8 Discretionary Adoption of Group Support Software: Lessons from Calendar Applications.- 9 Supporting the Assimilation of Sector-Specific Collaborative Solutions: Ten Commandments.- 10 Implementation and Use of Collaboration Technology in e-Learning: The Case of a Joint University-Corporate MBA.- III Conclusions and Implications.- 11 Integrating the Lessons Learned.- 12 Implications for Practice and Research.- Appendix A: Collaboration Technology Forums and Resources.- Appendix B: Product Examples.- Appendix C: A Taxonomy of Implementation Factors for Collaboration Technologies.- References.

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