Managing Software Quality

Managing Software Quality
A Measurement Framework for Assessment and Prediction
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James D. Arthur
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Practitioner Series

Research motivated by problems arising in large, complex software systems is what stimulates Richard Nance. His collaboration with the U.S. Navy on major software-intensive programs spans over 30 years.
James Arthur is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech.
What should be every software organization's primary goal? Managing Software Quality. Producing and sustaining the high quality of products and processes in evolutionary systems are at the core of software engineering, and it is only through a comprehensive measurement program that a successful outcome can be assured. Cost and budget limitations, schedule due dates, all represent systems engineering constraints which impinge on the degree to which software development and maintenance professional can achieve maximum quality. Richard Nance and James Arthur's guide to managing software quality goes beyond the usual answers to the "why" and "what" questions generally provided in the standards documents. They not only look at the "how to" in their focus of the measurement of software quality, but also come up with specific suggestions to the pressing needs of practising software engineers, quality assurance engineers and software and project managers.
A measurement methodology based on the core precepts of Software Engineering Describes lessons learned during on-site research and application of software quality measurement Discusses how to reach the desirable end result, while most other models and assessment procedures for software quality tend only to concentrate on the end result An holistic approach to software quality measurement Goes beyond the all-encompassing answers to the "why" and "what" questions Offers specific, viable suggestions to help you deal with difficult problems.
Describes a process supporting software quality assessment and prediction and how to get there.
From the contents:
- Introduction
- Foundations for a Comprehensive Approach to Software Quality Assessment
- An OPA Measurement Program
- Process Measurement
- Product Measurement: Documentation
- Product Measurement: Code
- An Examination of Indicator Values and their Aggregation
- Prediction and Assessment: differences in Goals
- Software Quality: Views and Purviews

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