Digital Content Creation

Digital Content Creation
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John A. Vince
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"The virtual digital domain allows the capture, processing, transmission, storage, retrieval and display of text, images, audio and animation, without familiar materials such as paper, celluloid, magnetic tape and plastic. But moving from these media to the digital domain introduces all sorts of problems, such as the conversion of analogue archives, multimedia databases, content-based retrieval and the design of new content that exploits the benefits offered by digital systems. It is this issue of digital content creation that is addressed in this book.
Different aspects of digital content creation are discussed in this volume, contributed by authors from around the world. Although each chapter addresses an individual aspect of the digital domain, there are common threads that unite them into an exciting vision of the future."
State-of-the-art, comprehensive and relevant
Access and Retrieval of Digital Content - Thomas and Turner Screen Play: Film and the Future of Interactive Entertainment - Clarke and Mitchell Harnessing the Power of Music and Sound Design in Interactive Media - Deutsch Comparative Content Analysis of Virtual Environments using Perceptual Opportunities - Fencott Digitisation: An Agent for Creativity, Expression and Interaction? - Lawrence, Amado and Sanders Multimedia Challenging Epistemology; Epistemology challenging Multimedia - Noting this Reciprocity for Interactive Multimedia Design - Kleinsmiede Virtual Education - Panacea or Pandora's Box - Gomersall An Architecture of a Personalised, Dynamic Interactive Video System - Finke Buffy: An SL Development Environment - Stephenson Generating Interactive Television Programs in the PANIVE Architecture - Flerakckers Interactive Control of Robots on the Internet - McNeill and Hutton Smart Documents for Web-Enabled Collaboration - Jern A Video Annotation Methodology for Interactive Video Sequence Generation - Lindley The Creation of an Interactive Virtual Theatre: The Mad Hatter's Party - Palmer et al Subjective Assessment of a Model-Based Video Codec Compared to H.263 - Al-Qayedi and Clark Model-Based Interactive 3DTV: Scene Capture and Transmission Density Distribution Functions for Bandwidth Reduction - Serrano, Sue, Thomas and Wei Enhanced Avatar Control Using Neural Networks - Amin, Reeve, Earnshaw Virtual Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities - Huxor Children's Creation of Shared 3D Worlds - Moar and Bailey Experiences with Web Content Creation from a Database - Hewitt, Jones, Malcolm and Ollenbuttel Numerical Realisation of Realistic Head and Hand Models for Mobile Telephone Safety Verification - Vaul, Excell and Olley Rebuilding Communities and Livelihoods in a Po st-Conflict Situation: the Potential for Digital Media in Knowledge-Based Activities in Bosnia Herzegovina - Ingham

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