Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning

Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning
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Michael Anderson
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Michael Anderson ist medizinischer Bademeister und Heilpraktiker und hat eine jahrelange Erfahrung im Umgang mit den Methoden und Techniken der Wasserheilkunde.
The recent rise of multimedia technology has turned visual communication into an everyday reality and made it necessary to achieve a better understanding of the role of diagrams and sketches in communication and in creative thought and problem-solving.Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning is a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary overview of this area, covering relevant research in computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and psychology.Key topics include:- Cognitive aspects of diagrammatic information;- Formal methods for computing with diagrams;- Applications of advanced diagrammatic systems.This book is a state-of-the-art survey that will be a valuable resource for researchers and students in the fields of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and graphics and visualisation.
A state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary survey of recent research and developments in the field
Part I - Views of Diagrams: 1. Diagrams in the Mind?.- 2. Knowing about Diagrams.- 3. A Meta-Taxonomy for Diagram Research.- 4. Sketches as Mental Reifications of Theoretical Scientific Treatment.- 5. The Fundamental Design Variables of Diagramming. Part II - Cognitive Aspects of Diagrams: 6. Psychological Perspectives on Diagrams.- 7. Combining Semantic and Cognitive Accounts of Diagrams.- 8. Tactile Maps and a Test of the Conjoint Retention Hypothesis.- 9. Spatial Abilities in Problem Solving in Kinematics.- 10. Graph Comprehension: The Role of Format, Content and Individual Differences.- 11. Graphs in Print.- 12. The Role of Representation and Working Memory in Diagrammatic Reasoning and Decision-Making.- 13. Mechanical Reasoning about Gear-and-Belt Diagrams; Do Eye Movements Predict Performance?.- 14. How do Designers Shift their Focus of Attention in their own Sketches?. Part III - Formal Aspects of Diagrammatic Reasoning: 15. Diagrammatic Evaluation of Visual Mathematical Notations.-16. A Topological Framework for Modelling Diagrammatic Reasoning Tasks.- 17. Multiple Readings of Pierces Alpha Graphs.- 18. On Automating Diagrammatic Proofs of Arithmetic Arguments.- 19. On the Practical Semantics of Mathematical Diagrams.- 20. EnE Sentences and Local Extent.- 21. Implementing Euler/Venn Reasoning.- 22. Visual Spatial Query Languages: A Semantics Using Description Logic. Part IV - Applications of Diagrammatic Reasoning: 23. Intelligent Diagrammatic Interfaces: State of the Art.- 24.Towards Diagram Processing: A Diagrammatic Information System.- 25. Using Diagrams to Understand Diagrams: A Case-Based Approach to Diagrammatic Reasoning.- 26. Interpreting the Engineers Sketch: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Constraints.- 27. Diagramming Research Designs.- 28. How to Build a (Quite General) Linguistic Diagram Editor.- 29. AVOW Diagrams: A Novel Representational System for Understanding Electricity.- 30. Asbru-View: Capturing Complex, Time-Oriented Plans - Beyond FlowCharts.- 31. Acting with Diagrams: How to Plan Strategies in Two Case Studies.- 32. Specifying Diagram Languages by Means of Hypergraph Grammars.

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