Business Intelligence: The IBM Solution

Business Intelligence: The IBM Solution
Datawarehousing and OLAP
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Mary Whitehorn
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Mary Whitehorn writes for the computer press, specializing in a series of the 'how to do x in 17 easy steps' type. Her ability to focus on what's actually necessary, eschewing all obfuscation and unnecessary detail, is valued by readers approaching a new topic.
Dr. Mark Whitehorn has a boundless fascination for databases. He teaches relational database theory and practice at the University of Dundee, writes a monthly database column in 'Personal Computer World' and is a popular commentator on the computer industry. His enthusiasm, clarity of communication and devotion to real-world examples are much appreciated by students and readers alike. He is co-author of 'Inside Relational Databases - with examples in Access', also available from Springer-Verlag.
Business Intelligence is an umbrella term, broadly covering the processes involved in extracting valuable business information from the mass of data that exists within a typical enterprise. This book concentrates on two aspects of Business Intelligence, together with the associated IBM products: Data Warehousing - IBM's Visual Warehouse OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) - IBM' DB2 OLAP Server If you are a Manager needing an overview of data warehousing and OLAP or a Practitioner needing to understand and use these tools then this book will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of Business Intelligence.
A refreshingly approachable look at IBMs versions of two new technologies - Visual Warehouse and OLAP Server - describing how to install them, test them and get started using them.
Introduction.- Do You Need Business Intelligence.- Installation.- Creating a Data Warehouse.- Making a Connection to the Data Warehouse.- Business Views.- More about Business Views.- Business Views for Data Transformation.- The Work in Progress Window.- Data from Disparate Sources.- Security.- DataGuide.- Overview of Visual Warehouse Components.- OLAP Concepts and Terminology.- Installing DB2 Server.- Using the Ready-Built Samples.- More About the Outline Editor.- Creating Your First Cube.- Data Load Rules.- Anchor Dimensions, and a Few More Concepts and Pointers.- Visual Warehouse and DB2 OLAP Server Symbiosis.- Appendix 1: Overview of Data Warehousing.- Appendix 2: IBM's Other Business Intelligence Solutions.

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