Amateur Telescope Making

Amateur Telescope Making
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Stephen Tonkin
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The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series

Many amateur astronomers make their own instruments, either because of financial considerations or because they are just interested. Amateur Telescope Making offers a variety of designs for telescopes, mounts and drives which are suitable for the home-constructor. The designs range from simple to advanced, but all are within the range of a moderately well-equipped home workshop. The book not only tells the reader what he can construct, but also what it is sensible to construct given what time is available commercially. Thus each chapter begins with reasons for undertaking the project, then looks at theoretical consideration before finishing with practical instructions and advice. An indication is given as to the skills required for the various projects. Appendices list reputable sources of (mail order) materials and components. The telescopes and mounts range from "shoestring" (very cheap) instruments to specialist devices that are unavailable commercially.
A modern, up-to-the-minute book for amateurs * Looks at what it is sensible to make yourself * Covers a wide range of projects by some of the most prominent amateur telescope makers *
I Shoestring Telescopes.- 1 A 6-inch f/5 Telescope.- 2 "Skinflint": A 15.5-inch f/4.8 Reflector.- 3 An 80 mm RFT Refractor.- II Specialised Telescopes.- 4 Building A High-Contrast Planetary Newtonian.- 5 A Collapsible Refractor.- 6 The Construction of a Buchroeder Quad-Shiefspiegler.- 7 A Wright Camera.- 8 A Ball-Scope: The Best Portable Telescope!.- III Mounts.- 9 Equatorial Platforms.- 10 A Computerized Dobsonian.- 11 Parallelogram Binocular Mount.- IV Astrophotography.- 12 A Better Barn Door.- 13 "Skypod": A Simple Sky-Tracker for Astrophotography.- 14 Building and Using a Cookbook CCD Camera.- 15 A Telescope Controller for Synchronous Motors.- V Appendices.- Appendix 1: Internet Resources.- Appendix 2: Contributors.- Appendix 3: References.- Appendix 4: Bibliography.

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