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Implementation and Management
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The book is essential reading for laboratory, information systems and project managers responsible for the implementation of LIMS.
There is currently a high level of interest in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), which, when successfully implemented, can revitalize the operations of a laboratory and contribute significantly to the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall enterprise. LIMS describes the strategy, planning, resources, and activities needed to integrate LIMS and its supporting technologies into an organization. It covers all aspects of implementation and management and has the benefit of not being product specific. This book will not date as it is not restricted to a particular software product, hardware platform, or technical automation approach. Instead it deals with the issues, expertise, organization, and resources that contribute to the successful implementation of LIMS. The author has wide experience of automated laboratory systems in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and biotechnology industries, and for the past 15 years has been intimately involved in every aspect of LIMS implementations including justification, system selection, installation, project management, developing, training, validation, performance optimization, and maintenance. LIMS contains numerous illustrations and tables to highlight concisely the major points and concepts discussed in each chapter. The book is essential reading for laboratory, information systems and project managers responsible for the implementation of LIMS and, as it does not require any previous knowledge of computers or laboratory information management systems, is easily accessible to all.
Historical Perspective: What is a LIMS?: Techniques for Understanding Laboratory Operations: Laboratory Roles and Internal Interactions: Laboratory Interactions with Other Groups: Impact of a LIMS on the Laboratory: Determining Technologies that are Relevant or Irrelevant to a LIMS: Establishing Realistic Goals for the LIMS: Needs Assessment and System Selection: Resources for LIMS Implementation: Essential Elements of a LIMS Implementation Plan: Justification and Approvals: The LIMS Implementation Infrastructure: Managing Change: Post-implementation Considerations: Subject Index.

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