Russia and the Dutch Republic, 1566–1725

Russia and the Dutch Republic, 1566–1725
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A Forgotten Friendship
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Kees Boterbloem
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This study examines the close cultural, economic, and military relationship between the Russian Empire and the Netherlands in the early modern period. The author argues that the Netherlands had an outsized impact on Russia's early development into a powerful state.

Russia and the Dutch Republic, 1566–1725: A Forgotten Friendship outlines how the Netherlands had an outsized impact on the early development of Russia into a Great Power in the course of the seventeenth century. Although this influence is usually associated with Peter the Great’s reign, the author argues that much of it predates Peter’s accession to the tsarist throne. Kees Boterbloem explores the origins and development of the narrow ties the United Provinces (Dutch Republic) and the Russian Empire maintained in the early modern age, weighing their political, military, economic, and cultural significance for world history.

Foreword: Jordan E. Kurland, 1928–2016, Stuart M. Kurland


Chapter 1: The Prehistory of Dutch-Russian Relations; the English Pioneers

Chapter 2: Flemish Trailblazers

Chapter 3: New States on Europe’s Fringe

Chapter 4: De Vogelaer and Van Klenck

Chapter 5: The Russian and Dutch Other

Chapter 6: Diplomatic Ties

Chapter 7: Isaac Massa

Chapter 8: Business Opportunities

Chapter 9: Guns and Grain

Chapter 10: Medicine

Chapter 11: Dutch Entrepreneurs

Chapter 12: Pivot: Boreel’s Embassy

Chapter 13: Dutch Mercenaries in the Tsar’s Service

Chapter 14: The Western Sloboda

Chapter 15: The New Commercial Statute of 1667

Chapter 16: Envoys

Chapter 17: The Oryol

Chapter 18: Becoming Russian?

Chapter 19: Koenraad van Klenck’s Embassy

Chapter 20: The Interregnum, 1676-1689

Chapter 21: Peter the Great

Chapter 22: Patrick Gordon and François Lefort

Chapter 23: Russians in the Republic

Chapter 24: A Final Blaze of Business: Lups and Brants

Chapter 25: Cornelis Cruys and the Russian Exchange Students

Chapter 26: An Era Closes: The Eighteenth Century

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