Business Development for a New Legal Ecosystem

Business Development for a New Legal Ecosystem
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Michelle Murray
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This book is split into two parts - the first deals with the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the ways in which is immediately transformed - and is continuing to innovate - the delivery of legal services.
Pandemics bring the world to a standstill. All economies are based on confidence, yet during and after a pandemic, uncertainty and fear abound. The entire professional services sector the world over - which includes law firms, accounting firms, brokerages, consulting firms, etc. - are cash-based, people-centric, and relationship-driven businesses. The rapid changes to relationships - both professional and personal - caused by a pandemic are structural and deep. The definition of "business as usual" is altered, and all professional services providers need to adapt and change quickly to respond to the new ways that employees, clients, and everyone else will behave, communicate, buy, and use their services in the future. The speed at which information travels will not slow down.
Part I: Business development in a time of global crisis Chapter 1: Lessons from the 2020 global economic crisis By Julie Savarino, chief client experience and value officer at Business Development Inc. Chapter 2: Distance development - how to develop an in-person feel to your business development efforts in a time of extended physical distancing By Michelle Murray and Yolanda Cartusciello, PP&C Consulting Chapter 3: Timeless principles, updated delivery By Sally Dyson, founder, Firm Sense Chapter 4: The ideal client - why it matters more than ever to measure By Mary Juetten, founder and CEO, Traklight Chapter 5: The voice of the client By Nat Slavin, Wicker Park Group Chapter 6: Visible networking in an invisible workplace By Debbie Epstein Henry, founder, DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing Chapter 7: Using virtual tools in a virtual world By David Freeman, CEO, David Freeman Consulting Group Chapter 8: Virtual networking for lawyers - an indirect advantage for female professionals? By Pam Loch, Loch Associates Part II: Business development in the new normal Chapter 9: The need for solid decision-making By Nika Kabiri, Kabiri Consulting Chapter 10: Overcoming Inertia: Creating a Successful Business Development Culture During a Crisis By Merry Neitlich, EM Consulting Chapter 11: Mapping the client journey in the new normal By Yolanda Cartusciello, PP&C Consulting, and Bob Robertson Chapter 12: Antitrust By Natasha Innocenti, partner, Macrae Inc. Chapter 13: Reinventing and revitalizing careers By Ian White, Sherwood PSF Consulting Chapter 14: Law fi rm constitutions in the post-pandemic era By Rachel Khiara, Khiara Law Chapter 15: Selling innovation is not easy, but necessary By Lucy Bassli Chapter 16: Business development at a safe social distance By Keri Norris, chief legal offi cer, LegalShield, and Wayne Hassay, managing partner, Maguire Schneider Hassay LLP Chapter 17: Expanding the legal ecosystem - the cross-functional team By Catherine Alman Macdonagh

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