Colour and Textures in Jewellery
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Colour and Textures in Jewellery

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Nina Gilbey
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Decorative textures and colour are integral to the design of every piece of jewellery. This beautiful book covers a range of techniques and materials, which can be used to bring excitement, meaning and interest to your designs. Written by two experienced designer-makers and tutors, it encourages you to experiment, make samples, bend the rules (safely) and see what results are possible, before following the detailed technical advice to apply the techniques to your work. Topics covered include: embossing - techniques include hammering, stamping and roll printing to imprint a pattern, design and details onto the surface of the work. There are exercises that demonstrate a technique and experiment with the process, including a comprehensive guide to adding textures and colour to jewellery. It will be an indispensable reference for practising jewellers, designers, jewellery students of all levels and silversmiths, and includes design development sketches and examples of samples and finished pieces. Beautifully illustrated with over 750 colour photographs, it is written by Nina Gilbey and Bekkie Ora Cheesman, two experienced designer-makers and tutors.

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