Making Victorian Costumes for Men
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Making Victorian Costumes for Men

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Sil Devilly
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During Queen Victoria's long reign there were constant, often subtle, changes to men's clothing in the large, diverse and growing population. This practical book guides you through the male fashions of the time and includes eighteen garments typical of the era. Each project is carefully grounded in historical research, while traditional tailoring techniques are simplified for the modern costume maker. It is an essential handbook that describes fabrics and tools for pattern drafting, tailoring and costume construction, and explains how to get the best results from each. It covers a wide variety of gentleman's attire adaptable for different occupations and social status, including assorted shirts, trousers, breeches, a tailcoat, a jacket, a frockcoat and several waistcoats. There is a full set of patterns for each outfit, along with clear, full colour construction photographs and finally, the author suggests how outfits can be adapted to fit different sizes and characters, and gives practical insights into the making process. It’s ideal for anyone interested in Victorian costumes including theatre designers, theatre makers, re-enactors, historical enthusiasts and live action role-playing (LARP). Superbly illustrated with 232 colour photographs and patterns, it is written by Sil Devilly, a costume maker with over twenty years of experience in both design interpretation and construction.

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