Embroidered Boxes
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Embroidered Boxes

Techniques and Projects
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Emma Broughton
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Boxes are a special way to display embroidery and to present and store treasured pieces. This beautiful book brings the traditional craft of box making right up to date with the latest construction techniques and modern designs. It starts with projects suitable for beginners, and then introduces further techniques so readers can design and construct their own boxes. It includes help and advice on materials, construction methods and techniques; ten step-by-step guides with photographs on how to construct different styles and shapes of boxes, and how to insert more complex decorative and functional elements; instructions for creating the embroideries from the boxes with photographs, and help on how to mount the sections; advice on how to design and construct your own boxes, as well as how to adapt the boxes for your own use. With over 650 colour photographs as well as stunning examples of embroidery techniques and designs, it is sure to delight and inspire every embroiderer and craft enthusiast. Emma Broughton is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework and teaches embroidery and box making classes.

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