Photographic Image Enhancement and Workflow
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Photographic Image Enhancement and Workflow

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Julian Cremona
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Time and circumstance often prevent the perfect photograph from being taken. This book explains how to enhance an image using readily available software in order to obtain the photo you wanted to take. It explains how to analyse a photograph to recognize what needs to be done, and then shows how to improve it. Instead of being a guide to one specific software program, the book looks at different styles of workflow and process. It covers transferable skills and uses a variety of software for all budgets. Written with accessible clarity and practical detail, this book is a must for everyone who enjoys their photography and wants to take their images to the next level. Topics covered include: the digital image and the terms used, from pixels to histograms; software to suit all budgets, from the best of the free programs to the most expensive; downloading, organizing and viewing images; the essential elements of the image (how it was exposed, the tonal range, noise and sharpness) and finally, further options such as (composition, monochrome, colour palette and cloning tools). Examples of real photos and problems are given, along with step-by-step guides to how they can be rectified. It is a must for everyone who enjoys their photography and will be of great interest to biologists, naturalists, scientists and natural historians as well. It is superbly illustrated with 218 colour photos. Julian Cremona is a passionate photographer who specializes in extreme close-up photography and focus stacking.

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