Engraving and Enamelling
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Engraving and Enamelling

The art of champleve
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Phil Barnes
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The exquisite colours of enamelling have been the choice of kings for centuries. This book explains the rich traditions of the magnificent technique of champleve, which combines the skills of engraving and enamelling. Champleve is a technique of enamelling requiring the creation of a cell into which enamel is then applied. Celebrating fifty years of working as a master craftsman, Phil Barnes gives a unique insight into all aspects of the process as he explains the techniques of engraving in preparation for enamelling, and then looks at enamels and how to work with them to create a piece, through to the final polishing and finishing. The book covers: a brief background to the history of enamelling, the materials and the techniques used; an introduction to the workshop and tools for the engraver and the enameller; instructions on transferring designs and making first cuts, recessing a cell and surface texturing for enamel; techniques for working with enamels, including laying over shaped surfaces, grading colours and repairing; advice on kilns and firing, polishing and finishing. A beautiful book that gives a masterclass in champleve enamel work and is fully illustrated with 209 colour photographs including step-by-step sequence shots and fine examples of finished pieces.

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