Sweet Peas
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Sweet Peas

An Essential Guide - 2nd Edition
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Roger Parsons
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Sweet peas were first documented in Sicily in the late seventeenth century and, with their delightful scent and diverse range of beautiful colours, have established themselves as annual favourites across the world. This essential guide looks at the genus in detail and explains how the novice gardener or the seasoned grower can get the very most from their sweet peas. This revised edition gives an introduction to the history and types of sweet pea; instruction on growing and caring; advice on producing flowers for exhibition and crop production; understanding and introducing new varieties and finally, growing sweet peas around the world. There is a final chapter introducing other Lathyrus species, closely related to the sweet pea. An essential and practical guide to this enchanting flower, the sweet pea. Aimed at the novice gardener or seasoned grower. Superbly illustrated with 160 colour photographs.Roger Parsons has been a professional horticulturist for over forty years and maintains the UK National Collection of Sweet Peas. Revised edition in paperback for 2018.

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