Shopper Marketing and the Role of In-Store Marketing
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Shopper Marketing and the Role of In-Store Marketing

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Dhruv Grewal
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This volume of Review of Marketing Research (RMR) focuses on Shopper Marketing and the Role of In-Store Marketing. The chapters draw from academic research as well as collaborations with major retailers and industry practitioners. Over the past several decades there has been research into how marketing actions influence how shoppers respond to offers. Yet, with the ever-shifting landscape due to influences such as mobile devices, the internet, and social media, there is an increasing need to understand how marketing actions influence shoppers in their path to purchase. Although there are many path to purchase points which are important to understand, this edition of RMR is devoted to the topic of in-store marketing actions to understand their impact on shopper reactions to offers. The chapters highlight new technologies (e.g., mobile, digital displays) and information aids (e.g., nutrition scores, floor signage) being used by leading retailers to influence the path to purchase. In addition, new research technologies (e.g., eye-tracking, heat maps, in-store experiments) and models that are being used to assess the effectiveness of the path to purchase tactics are discussed.
1. Mobile Shopper Marketing: Assessing the Impact of Mobile Technology on Consumer Path to Purchase - Alicia Baik, Rajkumar Venkatesan, and Paul Farris 2. Tracing the Evolution and Projecting the Future of In-Store Marketing - V. Kumar, Nita Umashankar and Insu Park 3. Shopper Marketing: Six Lessons for Retail from Six Years of Mobile Eye-Tracking Research- Kirk Hendrickson and Kusum Ailawadi 4. The Shopper-Centric Retailer: Deriving Shopper Insights from Frequent Shopper Data - Hristina Dzhogleva Nikolova, J. Jeffrey Inman, Jim Maurer, Ellie Wilson, Andrew Carmichael, Andrew Greiner and Gala Amoroso 5. How Do Marketing Actions and Customer Mindset Metrics Influence the Consumer's Path to Purchase? Shuba Srinivasan 6. Insights from In-store Marketing Experiments - Jens Nordfalt, Dhruv Grewal, Anne L. Roggeveen, and Krista Hill 7. Identifying the Drivers of Shopper Attention, Engagement, and Purchase - Raymond R. Burke and Alex Leykin 8. Shopper Marketing 2.0: Opportunities and Challenges - Venkatesh Shankar