The Ethics of Climate Governance

The Ethics of Climate Governance
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Aaron Maltais
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A major collection of innovative new work by emerging and established scholars on the critical topic of ethics for climate governance, offering a wholly original proposal for reform to climate governance.
The ethics of climate governance is of critical importance to current debates in climate justice, yet until now it has been largely neglected. This book explores the ethical dimensions of bringing the threat of global warming under effective political control. It addresses problems of domination and vulnerability in international climate negotiations, democratic legitimacy and equity in climate governance, strategies for dealing with gridlock in climate governance, and new problems of governance raised by the technologies of geoengineering and biomass incineration. This hugely important and timely collection of essays showcases the latest work by established and the best emerging scholars in this field, striking out in a new direction in the climate justice debate.

Introduction, Catriona McKinnon & Aaron Maltais / Part I: Domination and Vulnerability in International Climate Governance/ 1. Climate Change and the Moral Significance of Historical Injustice in Natural Resource Governance, Megan Blomfield / 2. International Domination and a Global Emissions Regime, Patrick Taylor Smith / PartII: Democratic Legitimacy and Equity in Climate Governance / 3. Climate Change Duties and the Human Right to Democracy, Ludvig Beckman / 4. Gridlock in Global Climate Change Negotiations: Two Democratic Arguments Against Minilateralism, Jonathan W. Kuyper / Part III: Motivating the Present to Act for the Future / 5. Making Our Children Pay for Mitigation, Aaron Maltais / 6. Informational Approaches to Climate Justice, Steve Vanderheiden / Part IV: New Technologies for Climate Crisis / 7. Is There Anything New Under the Sun? Exceptionalism, Novelty, and Debating Geoengineering Governance, Clare Heyward / 8. Biomass Incineration: Scientifically and Ethically Indefensible, Kristin Shrader-Frechette / Index / Notes on Contributors

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