Gilbert Simondon

Gilbert Simondon
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Information, Technology and Media
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Simon Mills
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A philosophical introduction to and interrogation of the work of Gilbert Simondon and its relation to contemporary media technology, communication and information.
Gilbert Simondon: Information, Technology and Media is a comprehensive introduction to the work of the French philosopher Gilbert Simondon. In particular it examines Simondon's original informational ontology, as developed from a synthesis of Cybernetics, thermodynamics and French epistemology,

The book goes on to delineate the role this ontology plays in developing an original account of individuation in the physical, biological and psycho-social regimes. This is done, in part, through reading Simondon with and against other figures in these fields such as Merleau-Ponty and Stuart Kauffman.

Additionally, Mills explores Simondon's contribution to epistemology and invention, including an analysis of his important theories of the image-cycle and transindividuality. He also examines Simondon's influence on several contemporary thinkers, including Bernard Stiegler and Bruno Latour, before exploring the relevance of Simondon's work for theorising contemporary media technology.
Acknowledgements / Introduction / 1. Precursor to a Theory of Individuation / 2. Physical Individuation: Transduction and Information / 3. Vital Individuation / 4. Psychic and Collective Individuation / 5. Philosophy of Technology / 6. Culture & Technology / 7. Simondon, Latour & Stiegler / 8. Towards a Philosophy of Media / 9. Situating Simondon / Bibliography / Index

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