Transnationalism and the Jews

Transnationalism and the Jews
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Culture, History and Prophecy
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Jakob Egholm Feldt
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Links the concept of transnationalism to Jewish historical experience in order to explore Jewishness as a form of cultural-historical in-betweeness.

The concept of transnationalism has been widely used for many years to describe mobility and cross-border relations in the modern, globalized world. Most uses of the concept of transnationalism neglect its historical trajectory and largely ignore the networks that constructed its meaning and normativity.

Transnationalism and the Jews directly relates ideas about transnationalism and cultural pluralism to Jewish historical experience. It shows how the Jews and ‘Jewishness’ has been a problematic issue for cultural thought since the Enlightenment, and how this problem produced the alternative ideas of culture and identity that are widely accepted today.

It argues that Jewish experience and ‘Jewishness’ helped produced the modern concept of transnationalism and cultural pluralism.

Introduction /1 Transnationalism and Cultural Thought/ 2 Judaism, Zionism and Pluralism/ 3 The Jewish Land/ 4 The Genius of Adaption/ 5 Theodor Herzl, Cosmopolitanism, and Jewishness/ 6 New Futures, New Pasts/ 7 Judaism in Civil Space. Mendelssohn, Enlightenment, and the Question of Jewish Civility/ Bibliography/ Index

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