On the Verge of a Planetary Civilization

On the Verge of a Planetary Civilization
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A Philosophy of Integral Ecology
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Sam Mickey
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On the Verge of a Planetary Civilization: A Philosophy of Integral Ecology draws on the work of Gilles Deleuze, and his contemporaries and successors, in order to explore the ecological problems facing our globally interconnected civilization.
On the Verge of a Planetary Civilization presents a philosophical contribution to integral ecology—an emerging approach to the field that crosses disciplinary boundaries of the humanities and sciences.

In this original book, Sam Mickey argues for the transdisciplinary significance of philosophical concepts that facilitate understandings of and responses to the boundaries involved in ecological issues. Mickey demonstrates how much the provocative French philosopher Gilles Deleuze contributes to the development of such concepts, situating his work in dialogue with that of his colleagues Felix Guattari and Jacques Derrida, and with theorists who are adapting his concepts in contemporary contexts such as Isabelle Stengers, Catherine Keller, and the speculative realist movement of object-oriented ontology.

The book focuses on the overlapping existential, social and environmental aspects of the ecological problems pervading our increasingly interconnected planet. It explores the boundaries between

  • self and other,

  • humans and nonhumans,

  • sciences and humanities,

  • monism and pluralism,

  • sacred and secular,

  • fact and fiction,

  • the beginning and end of the world, and much more.


1. Introduction

1.1 Becoming Ecological

1.2 Becoming Integral

1.3 Becoming Humorous

1.4 Becoming Speculative

2. Beginning

2.1 Opening

2.2 Decisions

2.3 Examples

2.4 Chorology

2.5 Chaosmos

3. Middle

3.1 Sense

3.2 Rhizomes

3.3 Nomads

3.4 Omnicentric

3.5 Anthropocosmic

4. Ending

4.1 Apocalypse

4.2 From Globes to Planets

4.3 Planetary Love

4.4 Cosmopolitics

5. Conclusion

5.1 Refrain

5.2 Compost

5.3 The SF Mode

5.4 On the Verge

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