Martial Arts Studies

Martial Arts Studies
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Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries
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Paul Bowman
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This book disrupts disciplinary boundaries to make a case for the future direction and growth of martial arts studies as a unique field

The phrase “martial arts studies” is increasingly circulating as a term to describe a new field of interest. But many academic fields including history, philosophy, anthropology, and Area studies already engage with martial arts in their own particular way. Therefore, is there really such a thing as a unique field of martial arts studies?

Martial Arts Studies is the first book to engage directly with these questions. It assesses the multiplicity and heterogeneity of possible approaches to martial arts studies, exploring orientations and limitations of existing approaches. It makes a case for constructing the field of martial arts studies in terms of key coordinates from post-structuralism, cultural studies, media studies, and post-colonialism.

By using these anti-disciplinary approaches to disrupt the approaches of other disciplines,
Martial Arts Studies proposes a field that both emerges out of and differs from its many disciplinary locations.

Acknowledgments / Preface and Note on the Text / 1. Martial Arts Studies as an Academic Field / 2. Writing Martial Arts Studies: Body, History, (Trans)Nation and Narration / 3. The Reality of Martial Arts / 4. Martial Arts and Cultural Politics Mediated: Disrupting Political Theory / 5. Conclusion: Orders of Discourse / Bibliography / Index

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