Multilevel Governance and Climate Change

Multilevel Governance and Climate Change
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Insights From Transport Policy
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Ian Bache
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Based on major research into transport-related carbon emissions, this book examines multiple levels of governance and policy networks to explore the politics of climate change.
Based on a major three-year research project, this book explores the various roles of political actors and the policies that deal with the governance of reducing transport-related carbon emissions. Using this clear - and globally crucial - example of climate change governance, the authors are able to tease apart a range of debates and dilemmas and to fully explore the nature, pace and significance of core policies designed to tackle climate change.

Much research in the field has over-emphasized the international realm and global policy, whereas this text uncovers the huge importance that domestic policy development plays in reducing emissions. It highlights normative positions that lie at the heart of institutional structures, enabling broader debates into the capacity and future of democratic governance.
Figures and Tables / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Introduction / PART I. MULTI-LEVEL GOVERNANCE AND CLIMATE CHANGE / 1. The Climate Change Challenge / 2. Theorising Meta-Policy Implementation in Multi-Level Polities / PART II. THE POLITICS OF CARBON MANAGEMENT AND TRANSPORT GOVERNANCE / 3. Why Transport Matters / 4. Climate Change and Transport Governance / 5. England: Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire / 6. Scotland: Strathclyde and South East Scotland / PART III. ANALYSIS & IMPLICATIONS / 7. The Politics of Implementing Climate Change / Targets: A Symbolic Meta Policy? / 8. Where and How does Accountability Exist? / 9. Conclusion

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