Materials For Total Joint Arthroplasty: Biotribology Of Potential Bearings
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Materials For Total Joint Arthroplasty: Biotribology Of Potential Bearings

Biotribology of Potential Bearings
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Robert Sonntag
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The replacement of a degenerated joint such as the hip and knee is one of the most outstanding interventions that allows the medical community to restore the patient's quality of life. However, today's patient is increasingly younger and more active and this presents a challenge for the orthopaedic community as a greater demand has been created for a longer lasting artificial joint that can allow the patient to maintain their lifestyle and thus new approaches in biotribology have been focused on this area of research.This invaluable book provides a broad introduction to the boundary conditions, developments and latest research activities already available to the surgeon and offers an insight into solutions being developed for new high performance bearings in joint replacements. The contributors are leading experts in their field and this is the first complete volume to bring together such unique insights. Orthopaedic engineers, surgeons and researchers concerned with new biomaterials would find this a vital reference volume to evaluate the latest state of research in the area.