Football Made Simple

An Entertaining Introduction to the Game for Mums & Dads
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Ann Waterhouse
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Ann Waterhouse was born in Brighton, England and now lives just 5 miles north of the city. She attended local schools and following higher education at the Institut Français du Royaume Uni, started work in 1969 in the UK editorial office of World Petroleum, an international oil magazine, published in the USA. A career in the media followed but the arrival of two sons in 1978 and 1980 gave Ann the opportunity to pursue her writing activities initially as a hobby. Since 1994, she has been writing entertaining and informative guides to sports, aimed at parents, grandparents and friends who didn't play the sports themselves.
"I'm in the team - can you come and watch me play?"
If you have a footballer in your life, but don't understand the game at all, then this is the book for you.
This is the first in our series of guides for bemused supporters. It's aimed at people who go along to watch friends and family or to accompany their partners, but who have no real idea what is going on because they've never played the game themselves.
After reading this book, you will know all about free kicks (direct and indirect), the difference between a goal kick and a corner kick and of course you will stun everyone with your knowledge of the infamous offside law and the way to beat the offside trap. You may even surprise family footballers by knowing more than them about the history of the game.
We'll guide you on choosing kit, keeping it clean and ensuring your favourite player (whatever their relationship is to you) turns up to play looking well prepared and feeling part of the team. We've also included the latest support etiquette guidance if you're going along to matches for the first time.
This book is for all bemused supporters, male and female, who loyally turn out to cheer in all weathers.