Buruma, I: A Tokyo Romance

Buruma, I: A Tokyo Romance
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Ian Buruma is currently Luce Professor at Bard College, New York. His previous books include Voltaire's Coconuts, The Missionary and the Libertine,The Wages of Guilt, Inventing Japan, God's Dust and Bad Elements, Occidentalism (Atlantic 2004) and Murder in Amsterdam (Atlantic 2006).
A Tokyo Romance is a candid look at Ian Buruma's time in Japan during the 1970s, set against a backdrop of simultaneous hedonism and repression. With his signature insight, and drawing from his personal experience in Tokyo, Buruma brilliantly weaves in the historical underpinning of tensions between east and west. The book proves to be, ultimately, a moving story of alienation, and the desire to freely cross boundaries, whether of sexuality, cultural mores, or countries.

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