Delius and his Music

Delius and his Music
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Martin Lee-Browne
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The first comprehensive study of the music of Frederick Delius (1862-1934), from his earliest pieces up to his final compositions, with background information and a complete list of works.
There are many biographies and articles about Frederick Delius's life (1862-1934), but there has never been a comprehensive book about his music until now. Everything he wrote, from his earliest compositions right up to his finalworks, is analysed here; the history and background of each work and its critical reception are all examined, set against events in Delius's life and the wider musical world. The book contains numerous music examples and quotations from many contemporary newspapers and journals. A complete list of all of Delius's works, with catalogue numbers, and a select bibliography are also provided.

MARTIN LEE-BROWNE is the Chairman of The Delius Society, a former Chairman of the Gloucester Three Choirs Festival, and author of
The Life & Times of Frederic Austin (1996).

PAUL GUINERY is a pianist and associate of the Royal College of Music, as well as a former broadcaster for BBC Radio 3 and co-author (with Lyndon Jenkins) of
Delius and Fenby, A Photographic Journey (The Delius Society, 2004).

1862-1888: Youth

1888-1892: The Young Composer in Paris

1893-1901: Coming to Maturity

1902-1905: The Great Noontide & Beecham

1906-1910: Acceptance and Friends

1911-1914: Inspiration Unabated

1915-1918: Winding Down

1919-1934: Fenby and the Last Years

The Songs

1934 and After

Appendix 1: Delius's works in chronological order: Part 1 - Orchestral, vocal & chamber works; Part 2 - Songs

Appendix 2: Delius's Diploma and Reports from The Leipzig Konservatorium

Appendix 3: Programmes for the 1929 and 1946 Festivals

Selected further reading

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