Constant Lambert

Constant Lambert
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Beyond <I>The Rio Grande</I>
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Stephen Lloyd
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An indispensable biography for anyone interested in Constant Lambert, ballet and British musical life in the first part of the twentieth century.
To the economist and ballet enthusiast John Maynard Keynes he was potentially the most brilliant man he'd ever met; to Dame Ninette de Valois he was the greatest ballet conductor and advisor this country has ever had; to the composer Denis ApIvor he was the greatest, most lovable, and most entertaining personality of the musical world; whilst to the dance critic Clement Crisp he was quite simply a musician of genius. Yet sixty years after his tragic earlydeath Constant Lambert is little known today. As a composer he is remembered for his jazz-inspired The Rio Grande but little more, and for a man who selflessly devoted the greater part of his life to the establishment of English ballet his work is largely unrecognized today. This book amply demonstrates why he deserves to be held in greater renown.

With numerous music examples, extensive appendices and a unique iconography, every aspect of thecareer and life of this extraordinary, multi-talented man is examined. It looks not only at his music but at his journalism, his talks for the BBC, his championing of jazz (in particular Duke Ellington), and - more privately - his long-standing affair with Margot Fonteyn. This is an indispensable biography for anyone interested in Constant Lambert, ballet and British musical life in the first part of the twentieth century.

STEPHEN LLOYD is a writer on British music and author of
William Walton: Muse of Fire (Boydell, 2001).
A Meteor Fell . . . 1905-1914

At Christ's Hospital 1914-1922

The College 'Whizz-Kid' 1922-1926

Diaghilev and Disagreement 1925-1926

Early Ballets and Philip Heseltine 1926-1927

The Rio Grande and Jazz 1927-1930

Camargo and the Birth of British Ballet 1928-1931

Marriage and Journalism 1931

A Permanent Post 1932-1934

Let's to Billiards -
Music Ho! 1934

Elgar and Delius; Enter Fonteyn 1934

Van Dieren and Walton 1935

Pestilence and Apparitions 1936

Checkmate and
Horoscope 1937-1938

Double Bishops and Limericks 1939-1940

Escape from Holland 1940-1943

Small Fish and Large Cats 1944-1945

The Second Mrs Lambert 1945-1946

The Third Programme and
The Fairy Queen

Snakes and

Appendix 1: The Compositions of Constant Lambert

Appendix 2: Synopsis of

Appendix 3: A Constant Lambert Discography

Appendix 4: Constant Lambert's Journalism

Appendix 5: Constant Lambert's Talks for the BBC

Appendix 6: Constant Lambert's BBC Talks on Modern Dance Music (Jazz)

Appendix 7: Constant Lambert's Third Programme Broadcasts

Appendix 8: Constant Lambert's Conducting Engagements at the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts

Appendix 9:
A Dance to the Music of Time: Anthony Powell, Hugh Moreland and Constant Lambert

Appendix 10: C. B. Rees on Constant Lambert

Appendix 11: A Constant Lambert Iconography

Appendix 12: Lambert's Limericks and Other Verses

Appendix 13: Vic-Wells/Sadler's Wells London Repertoire



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