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The Real Deal

Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom!
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Brendan Kelly
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Tired of working 9 to 5 for someone else, just to make endsmeet?
Looking for a path to financial freedom so that you can spendyour time doing what you want to do?

For many savvy Australians, property investing has lead toexactly that. They have found an investing method suited to theirown circumstances and turns a property dream into an income stream- and, in some cases, an early retirement!

So how can you escape the daily grind and achieve the sameresults, even if you've never invested in property before?

The Real Deal is the only real estate bookthat:
* takes you through an array of investment methods - fromnegative and positive gearing to renovation, subdivision,commercial property and property development, and everything inbetween
* shares the experiences of 14 real-life, everyday investors whohave created wealth using these methods so you can see how theywork in the real world
* teaches you how to set goals and provides the tools to staymotivated to achieve them
* helps you access the best investment approach for you in termsof time, money, level of difficulty and effort
* actually gets you on the road to financial freedom -fast.

You'll learn how to make deals for quick profit, deals that youcan work on yourself and deals that you can pay others to lookafter for you.

The options are limited only by your own creativity!
Foreword vii

About the authors ix

Acknowledgements xii

Preface xiv

Introduction xvii

Part I: Buy and hold, short-term growth and flips

1 Negative gearing for long-term growth (buy and hold) 3

2 Positive cash flow properties 29

3 Positive cash flow properties and add value 47

4 Flips, short-term growth and quick-turn deals 61

Part II: Renovations

5 Live-in cosmetic renovations 87

6 Cosmetic renovations 99

7 Renovations 119

Part III: Subdivisions plus

8 Subdivisions 153

9 Separating and renovating a duplex 169

10 Renovate and subdivide (1 into 2) 185

11 Renovate and subdivide (1 into 3) 203

Part IV: Construction

12 Construction 225

13 Developments 245

Part V: Systemisation

14 Developing a system 271

15 Passive income and financial freedom 291

16 Your next step ... 303

Index 315