Maritime Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean
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Maritime Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Way Forward
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Roudi Baroudi
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The ways and means described in this book constitute a road map for responsible members of the international community to work together, reduce tensions, resolve differences over maritime boundaries peacefully, and reap the rewards of a safer, stabler, and more prosperous world. This volume shows that the UN and its associated treaties, courts, and other institutions have developed a body of laws, rules, and procedures guiding the way to negotiated, peaceful outcomes. Mr. Baroudi’s book also points to rapid advances of science and technology that take much of the guesswork out of boundary delineation, making this route more reliable and user-friendly than ever before. The successful use of these mechanisms would set a useful example for the resolution of boundary disputes in other regions of the world. That, in turn would restore confidence in the international rules-based system and could pave the way for the settling of some of the world’s most troubling and dangerous disputes.




Data Sources, Definitions, Abbreviations, and Disclaimer

Introduction: No More Zero-Sum Games: Why Cooperation is Synonymous with Civilization

1. Challenges and Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean

2. Overview of Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Boundaries and Trijunction Points

3. Summary Briefs Based on Land Terminus Points (LTP) for Each Coastal State

4. Shared Responsibilities: Energy Diplomacy and the UN Charter

5. Going Global: A Broader Perspective on the Potential Impact of UNCLOS Principles

6. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations

Appendix I: United Nations Table of Claims to Maritime Jurisdiction (as of 15 July 2011)

Appendix II: List of Maritime Delimitation Award Decisions (1969–2018)

Appendix III: Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area—Maritime Activity Zones Map No. 6

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