Guided by Divine Love

Guided by Divine Love
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An Inspiring True Story of a Young Man's Journey Out of the Darkness of Oppression and Discovery of the Inner Light That Was There All Along
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David K. Haaland
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As a Kurd in an increasingly hostile Iraq in the 1970s, David wanted to fulfill his mother’s dream for him: To become a U.S. citizen – no small feat given that he was not allowed to leave Iraq. In his own words, David provides unique insights into Iraq under the rise of Saddam Hussein, and tells of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that he overcame to meet this dream, of his new life in America, and of the many challenges, disappointments, and betrayals along the way.

This is also the story of how David chose to listen to the lessons of the universe. Introduced to angels through a meeting with an intuitive, David’s newfound knowledge and his intuition led him to Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Deborah King, and increased his awareness of “divine orders” – instructions from the universe.

David shares his amazing journey, his connection to God and the angels, his certification as an angel therapy practitioner, and how he finally understood that nothing happens by accident. Only by accepting that the heartache in his life was in divine order did he decide to trust God and the angels, and realize that there were better things waiting for him. David has learned how to stand on his own, and invites you to trust along with him that everything will happen in divine timing and divine order, including your life’s mission.

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