Will You Not Reason?
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Will You Not Reason?

A Concordance of God's arguments in the Qur'an
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Said Mirza
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The Qur’an claims to be God’s final revelation to mankind. Yet, those who most loudly proclaim to hold to the Qur’an, sadly, are often ignorant of its contents.The present work allows the Qur’an to speak and comprises a concordance of the Qur’an’s teachings — teachings which will surprise both adherents to the religion known as Islam as well as those outside it.The Qur’an is a book like no other. It brings forth powerful arguments for the existence of God. It attacks the hypocrisy and falseness in the religions of Judaism and Christianity. It condemns the very people who claim to follow it. The Qur’an predicts the reaction of religionists when they are called to God alone. It renders atheists and agnostics speechless with its arguments. It devastates falsehood and establishes the truth with such eloquence and conciseness that the reader is left in complete awe of its Author.The Qur’an speaks to you directly. You see and hear the confirmation of its words with your eyes and ears. It validates your experience. The Qur’an challenges your intellect and reason. It calls you to think on and ponder the manifest proofs testifying to the existence of a creator. It reveals your hidden motivations, desires, and fears to you. It answers profound questions that have perplexed thinkers for ages: Does God exist? Is there life after death? Why does evil exist? Do we have free will? And it answers the ultimate question pondered by all men since time immemorial: Why are we here?The Lord of the Heavens and the Earth does not require you to believe in Him based on blind or illogical “faith”. Nor is He interested in forcing men to believe in Him. It makes no difference to God whether we believe in Him or not. In His infinite mercy, He sent down His final scripture through the prophet Muhammad. In the Qur’an, He invites us to consider His arguments and to ponder His message carefully. He wants us to use our reason — the greatest gift bestowed on man — to come to the true conclusion: that there is an Almighty God who is perfect in all His attributes and the futility of serving anyone besides Him. In this work, I have brought forth arguments from the Qur’an alone; arguments which, to my mind, constitute sufficient proof for the existence of an Almighty Creator. I have marshaled verses from the Qur’an addressing diverse topics such as the Resurrection, setting up false gods alongside the One True God, invented religions, and God’s warnings. I have also focused extensively on the false rituals practiced by adherents of the religion of Islam and the rampant idolatry that has infested it. Finally, I have shown, using the Qur’an alone, how tenuous the connection is between core concepts in the Qur’an and the religion of Islam.