Havva: The H Mutator
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Havva: The H Mutator

A Genetic Eve Story
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MPH Deborah Dunn MD
1, Genetic Eve
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Havva lives in Ice Age Europe, where her people hunt majestic wild animals and harvest herbs, roots, and berries from the land. She has always wanted to be a hunter, but her grandmother says he clan needs her to be a healer instead.

Havva isn't sure healing is a useful skill - until her whole family falls ill with a dangerous sickness.

With her grandmother sick, Havva knows she is the only one who can find the magic herb that will allow her family to recover. She must cross the snow-covered forests and plains of Ice Age Europe alone to reach the Great River, where stores of the healing herb may be found. Along the way, she'll make friends with a wild wolf and a mysterious old man who knows the ancient secrets of this frozen landscape.

This is a Genetic Eve story - a story of what life might have been like for the first girl to be born with a new mitochondrial DNA mutation. Havva's special mutation - the H haplotype - allows her to resist sickness better than her ancestors. In time, her mutation will be passed down to become the most common haplotype in Europe today!

Follow Genetic Eve's book releases to learn more about other mitochondrial mutators, like Havva's cousin Jera, whose mutation helps her to survive an Ice Age winter in the mountains after she is separated from her clan.

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